Sunday, February 1, 2015

Slow Wine San Francisco . . . good fun was had by all . . .

A whole bunch of wines from my portfolio were selected for the Slow Wine guide this year but it is pretty expensive for the smaller producers to make it over this way and to NY etc so usually it is just G.D. Vajra that decides to make it.  And frankly, it is better for me to just have one of my guys here as it would get really complicated otherwise.  But maybe next year I will have them all come over and we can put them all on one side of the room and see how that works out.  In the meantime, here below are some pictures from before the tasting.

Bringing out the big map!

You are not funny, Justin!

Slow Wine likes G.D. Vajra

2013 Dolcetto Coste e Fossati

2010 Barolo Ravera - first vintage and sold out!

2010 Luigi Baudana "Cerretta" tastes really expensive.

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