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Thursday, July 31, 2008

4th Annual CineOzone Outdoor Movie Night

Don't worry, the earthquake didn't get us here in Santa Monica, but we sure did feel it. Now, I am a native of California and earthquakes have been a part of my life forever; I even was in the epicenter of the biggest earthquake of the past 100 years in 1989 in my last year at Santa Cruz when the Loma Prieta earthquake shook Northern California. That was scary. This one was just a little bump and rumble but I was working in my office and felt the house start to shake and shimmy and I was out of my chair like a shot and out the front door. All my neighbors who were home at the time felt it to and we were making sure everyone was all right and looking nervously around for signs of damage, but there was none. And we didn't feel any aftershocks this time either.

Actually, worse than the earthquake was my hangover from our 4th Annual CineOzone Outdoor Movie Night that took place last Saturday. Let me tell you, when the cops come banging on the door in my neighborhood here in Venice, you know that you must have been really loud since they almost never show up for anything less than a robbery or worse on a Saturday night. They usually have bigger fish to fry. But my intrepid wife and companion handled all of their complaints and sent them off with a smile. A great time was had by all the movie, The Black Stallion, from 1979 was a huge hit. Any ideas of what we should do for next time? The wines, the beers, the food, the movie candy, the popcorn. It was all too much for my digestive system and I spent most of Sunday trying to recuperate.

Lunch with Francesca Vaira at Terroni DTLA . . . best lunch ever!

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