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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Tre Monti!

"The heart of the winery lies in the center of the farm estate in Imola, where only estate-grown grapes are vinified. All of the vineyards are managed according the principles of sustainable viticulture, which mandates inter-row cover-cropping and the lowest possible use of chemicals. In addition, recent years have witnessed surprising gains as a result of considering the phases of the moon in relation to certain vineyard management practices (one of the doctrines in biodynamic agriculture), such as hedging, planting new vines, and, in some cases, the harvest itself. The winemaking operations too, watched over painstakingly by the experienced and talented Vittorio Navacchia, are animated by a philosophy of minimal intervention. Every step is carried out with full respect not only for the integrity of the fruit, but above all for the unique character of each growing year, so that Vittorio can ensure that the final wines fully expresses all of the conditions that gave it birth."

I met Vittorio and David (and their father Sergio) this year at VinItaly and we vowed to try to work together in some way as soon as possible.  And here we are.

I have been looking for a great Sangiovese based wine for the portoflio for by the glass placements and have been combing all of Tuscany to find an older style of wine that is more pointed towards sharing with food then as a beverage to be drunk on its own and it seems like all I needed to do was to look a little to the North!  Tre Monti Campo di Mezzo Sangiovese di Romagna is everything I was looking for; light bodied but with a long finish and true Sangiovese character of bloody iron and smoky meat.

And when I first tasted the Albana di Romagna, a varietal of wine I had never experienced before, I was blown away.  It has a taste I more associate with Chenin Blanc from the Loire than anything else.

We have limited stock on this first installment but will be getting more in the fall.

2012 Albana di Romagna „Vigna Rocca“
2012 Sangiovese di Romagna „Campo di Mezzo“
2010 Sangiovese di Romagna Riserva „Petrignone“
2010 Sangiovese di Romagna Superiore Riserva  „Thea“

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