Thursday, May 1, 2014

G.D. Vajra Langhe Riesling 2012 makes everything all right . . .

2012 G.D. Vajra Langhe Riesling
Sometimes you just need something to get you through the end of the day.  A day when it was too hot.  A day when you just felt kind of low.  A day that needed a pick me up at the end.  Well, this is the wine.

Made from Riesling planted almost thirty years ago now by Aldo Vaira from cuttings from the vineyard of Marcel Deiss, this is the wine that I just really needed to have at the end of my day.  Aromas of peaches and honeysuckle and a little petrol with piercing acidity and tart flavors of freshly picked grapes and a completely dry long finish.

I am smitten.  Aldo Vaira always says that Riesling is a great wife for Barolo in the Langhe and I would agree.  This wine is so complete and utterly delicious, that it took my mind off of all the petty problems of the day and brought me directly into the present.  I was in the moment.  And I could relax a little and enjoy the food in front of me.

Call or email me if you want to find this iconic example of Riesling from Piedmont in your area.

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