Sunday, June 3, 2012

Taking a drive with Aldo Vaira to check on the progress of flowering in the vineyards . . .

Aldo Vaira

Looking from the Baudana vineyard in Serralunga towards Castiglione Falleto and way in the back towards the Castle La Volta in Barolo.

Just the beginning of flowering on a nebbiolo vine

Some haven't even opened up yet.

And more . . . 

Giuseppe Vaira

Steep vineyards in Sinnio (right outside the Barolo confines near Serralunga)

In the old days, these Sinnio vineyards used to be able to be labeled as Barolo and from what I have heard, lots of the older producers sourced grapes here.

Looking down the hill from the top of the Sinnio vineyard.

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