Monday, June 4, 2012

Great video of Luigi Fabbro of San Polino in Montalcino talking about how he farms his grapes and makes wine . . .

Terroir and Vineyards
South-east of Montalcino, near Castelnuovo dell’Abate, between Montalcino and Monte Amiata, in the Val d’Orcia. South-facing over the valley of the Ribusuoli river. Height above sea level 400-450 metros. The soils of San Polino range in their texture from sandy-loam to clay-loam with a rich scheleton presence. Interspersed throughout the fields are large areas of galestro (shale) and red earth. The soil is well drained and has a good water permeability and, at the same time, good water retention. A satisfactory natural presence of the essential nutrients necessary for healthy vine growth means that only a minimal quantity of fertilizers are ever used. In many years they are not used at all. The vineyards face south and slope downhill at a gradient of 22%.
Sun all day due to its south-facing slopes. An almost constant southern breeze coming from Monte Amiata maintains a fresh and healthy climate where the need for fungicide spray is reduced. San Polino is surrounded by shrubland and woods. 25% of its area comprises a maintained wilderness in order to promote the rich presence of indigenous biodiversity, maintain a self-regulating balance in its environment and reduce the need for anti-fungicides

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Out and about yesterday and these were some of the wines that were tasting amazing . . .

Domaine Courbet Cotes de Jura Chardonnay 2015, Paul Chapelle Santenay "Gravieres" 1er Cru 2007, Davide Carlone Boca 2012