Sunday, March 20, 2011

L'Union de Gens des Metiers @ VinItaly 2011

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The Union of Tradespeople or the Union de Gens des Metiers or just UGM is getting together, as they do once a year, this time at Vinitaly to do a special tasting of their best wines. Hosted by Aldo, Milena and the whole Vaira family, these winemakers, like Benjamin Dagueneau, The Foucault brothers (Clos Rougeard), Francois Chidaine, Alain Graillot, Elois Durrbach (Travallon), Jean-Marc Roulot and a whole host of others, will present one wine each to a select group passionate wine professionals. The details are below and attached. Please contact Giuseppe Vaira to make your reservation if you happen to be at VinItaly and want to take a break from the fine Italian wines and go over the Alps for a brief sojourn in France!



The Tasting

Terroirs UGM

Friday 8th of April, VinItaly at Verona

in room C, on the first floor, between pavilions 8 e 9

fifteen winegrowers of the

Union des Gens de M├ętier (UGM)

They will tell their story using the lens of their most representative wine.

Two sessions from which to choose:

from 11am to1 pm


from 3:30 alle 5:30

Entrance is free, but spots are limited

To participate, please contact us with your name and the session you have chosen

by writing to Giuseppe at:

To listen in:

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