Friday, November 19, 2010

Prosecco "Colfondo" - Costadila`

So the holidays are coming up and I have the perfect wine for you. The Costadila` Prosecco 450 SLM "Colfondo". An organic sparkling wine from the Prosecco grape made in the Veneto, it isn't like your average Prosecco. At the time when most Prosecco makers are taking the yeast out of the bottles, the Costadila` people are letting them sit in there, in each individual bottle, and letting the lees (yeasts and sediment left over from fermentation) continue to add flavor and texture to the wine. Each bottle can taste a little different and unique, but still be fresh and zingy and fun.

Click on the link below to read a little bit about a new group of producers making Prosecco in this way in the Veneto and doing it in style:

The Do Bianchi blog is the brainchild of Jeremy Parzen, who was on UCEAP Padova in 1987/1988 and I was there 1988/1989 so we never crossed paths but we heard a lot about the previous year's students as they were a pretty fun group that had a huge effect on the University at the time (or at least the Monte Cengio dormitory). Lots of Italo-American cultural exchanges (read: drinking and going to the discotheque) and a few marriages, just like my year.

Jeremy and I have connected over our passion for wine and especially wine from Italy and it just so happens that we travel in some of the same circles and his love for the types of wines that I am importing from Italy shine through. Luckily, I only buy wine from people that I like and respect so this makes it easy for me to love not only their wine, but the people behind the wine making them special.

As for now, please ask your local retailer or restaurateur here in CA, "Where is the Costadila`?!"



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