Monday, March 29, 2010

And how about some older Brouilly while you are at it . . .

So from the largest of the single cru Beaujolais AOC's and what is supposed to be the lightest in style comes this Dominique Piron 1997 Brouilly Chateau du Prieure. At 13 years old, the wine was clear with nice ruby to garnet color at the core and a little brick red at the rim.

The nose was moderately intense with developed aromas of mulled wine, violets and orange peel with just a little white pepper. In the mouth, the wine was surprisingly full and rich with medium alcohol and a roundness in the mouth that was balanced well by some still evident acidity. There are flavors of soy sauce, raspberry jam, smoky meat although the finish was only medium long. Overall, I thought this wine was tasting surprisingly good for the age and for a wine that surely cost $15 back in the day, a steal.

It went really well with the steak we were having that night, grilled with nothing but sea salt and black pepper as seasoning.

The 2007 Piron Brouilly, Domaine de Combiaty (a different vineyard) is available all over Los Angeles and the Bay Area so if you have a yen to taste what the young wine would taste like in comparison, give me a shout and I will point you in the right direction.

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